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Get your company website, hardware, systems at 40% cash rebate through PIC.

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Why do Business need PIC

Why do PIC benefit you, the business owner.

You can buy Laptops, Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone with PIC scheme and get 60% covered by the government as long what you buy
benefits your business operation, promote productivity & innovation.

Traditional Business without website presence are losing to other company that got their own website.

Have you ever thought that by spending approx $880 ($1320 covered by PIC Scheme), you can actually gain customers for your business
through the internet. With your business up on the Internet, you can print your web address to your name card and keep your customer updated
through the internet on your recent promotions, events and products.

The Government want business to innovate and improve their productivity thus release this scheme to assist business in Singapore.

If you are unsure how to improve your business through PIC, feel free to drop us your contact through our contact form and we will plan for you fully & legally.


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